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Monday, 23 April 2012

Singapore and Sydney

Singapore & Sydney

On our third attempt we managed to make it out of Singapore airport and actually spend some time in the city. We had three days in Singapore and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. We were still on quite a restricted budget so high end shopping was out of the question, although we did add a few things to the back pack after getting completely bored of our seriously repetitive wardrobe. For those who like their shopping you really can't go too far wrong with Singapore. 

The restaurants aren't bad either actually. We treated ourselves to a bit of western cuisine with a fairly drunken evening at Raffles followed up by way too much food at the hard rock cafe. We've decided the next time we come back to Singapore we have to stay at Raffles so I guess we won't be going back for a while! We caught the England vs Wales 6 nations match, which was being aired at around midnight, at a welsh pub called the Prince of Wales. Our friends from Borneo watched with us and the fact that one of them was Welshey made the game even more fun. The result was obviously a shame but at least it wasn't as bad as the world cup! 

We said goodbye to South-East Asia and boarded the most enormous plane headed for Sydney. We managed book in online and got seats upstairs right next to the stewardesses station. This meant we had the easiest access to the alcohol and we took full advantage! With all the extra space, free drinks and extensive movie catalogue we didn't get much sleep and therefore got off the plane feeling rather worse for wares. But we stepped out into the Sydney sunshine and set out to find our hostel. 

We were shown to our dorm room where we intended to grab a couple of hours sleep before exploring the city properly. Upon entering our room we were faced with utter destruction and squalor apparently the result of two of the noisiest teenage girls who (thankfully) were in the process of moving rooms. We were told by the staff it may take them a while to clean the room so we headed out for some breakfast. This was our first experience with Sydney prices. Oh my god! Sydney makes London look positively cheap. We did actually manage to get a bit of sleep and the beds were sooo comfortable after spending the last four months on seriously thin Asian mattresses. When we woke up the weather had changed for the worse and was now raining. Apparently it had been doing this most of the summer and this morning was somewhat of an oddity, which of course we had wasted in bed! Unfortunately the weather followed its current pattern and rained for all but one of the five days we were there. On that particular day we took full advantage and went down to Bondi with everyone else.

 We did go over to Manley Beach on another day, the weather wasn't exactly sunbathing conditions so the child inside was unleashed and we made the biggest sand castle possible. On the whole we really enjoyed being in Sydney even though the weather was not great. It certainly didn't dampen the celebrations of Mardi Gras which was very very cool and quite an eye opener. We didn't catch Kylie doing her set but did see Danni randomly a day before, guess one Minogue is better than none! 

So other than a few good nights out that was the end of a very expensive week and marked the start of our trip to New Zealand which we have been looking forward to for ages. 

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