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Monday, 7 November 2011

Delhi and onwards

Delhi Looking Slightly More Poluted
Delhi Under Normal Conditions

Mafia Hang-out Site
 Well we're finally in India and found our way to an internet cafe. The average speed of the internet over here is similar to that of a turtle with a broken leg! So far we have been introduced to the joys of Delhi. Quite the eye opener! Never been anywhere as noisy smelly dirty and unpleasant in our whole lives. Suddenly that one bedroom flat overlooking Kilburn High Road doesn't seem that bad. We've already enjoyed the pleasantries of New Delhi touts and had to break in through the rear of the train station building after being escorted off the premises for not believing that the tourist office had moved due to construction work/fire/flooding and any other excuse they could come up with. If any of you intend on visiting Delhi beware of the park area leading up to India Gate. This is apparently a prime mafia hangout spot. We didn't see any mafia there unless they were all disguised as 11 year old Indian school girls, but be on your guard!!!

We finally made our way out and are now in Agra. We have an amazing view of the Taj Mahal from our hotel rooftop and did all the touristy things today. 
Taj Mahal From Our Roof Top
I thought something smelled!

Definitely settling into Indian life, well at least Gemma is, Ben won't stop going on about the return of British rule. We have a train booked tomorrow morning at 05:10 (that's not a typo) to the reportedly greatest ornithological national park in the whole world. We await with baited breath. The guide book promises leafy gardens and an abandon hilltop fort, which will be a nice change of scenery. As you can imagine we are getting our fill of curry and are by no means fed up yet. 
The Beautiful Taj Mahal
Polution Destroying the Taj Mahal


Keanu our travelling mascot, donated by Caroline, is hogging much of the limelight and looks like he may have his very own photo album when he gets back to Blighty.

Keanu Likes Thali
Enjoying India Gate
Doing the Accounts

Off for dinner. What do reckon? Curry anyone.

Lots of love Gem
Manly back slaps Ben


  1. Sounds like the internet cafes could do with an overhaul. The mafia folk sound interesting sounds like they were after a bribe to let you through things can only get better. Just landed and waiting for a train back to bton.

  2. happy birthday to an amazing brother :) hope your having loads of fun!!! i hered you used skype to talk to dad! didnt think i would ever see the day when he would use something like that! hhaha, he loved his sony music system from you and everyone, but doesnt want it in the office now, but in the study!! lol, mum wants her money tho hahahaha, i here u no i have been in hospital, im out now, and trying to explain to everyone that as much as i cant do everything, im not disabled and can help a bit!! lol, missing you loads!!!! hope u have an amazing day, btw, i cant seem to send an email to you, but i doont no why, could u send me an email that i can reply too :) :) lots of love from your little sister :) ps, missing gemma loads and loads, and i have already worn your dress! :D hope mine is in a good condition still!!!, xxxxxxxxxxxx