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Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Disney Land and San Fransisco

Disney Land and San Francisco

Outside It´s A Small World - Disney`s Weirdest Ride!

Gemma and the fairy castle
Arrived in LA and hopped on a bus straight to Anaheim (the home  of Disney Land), thanks to Caz we had free passes and were both very excited. Managed a full 14 hours between the two parks we had access to. Brilliant day  hardly queued at all, the rides were all amazing (could give its a small world a miss, bit weird) and managed to go on a horrible dropping lift ride (despite my terror), poor Ben did have to put up with very sweaty hands though. Going to have to be more careful what I agree to after a couple of ciders.

Mini´s dirty twin sister!

 Had our photo taken with Mini Mouse, or her slightly dirty twin sister, got a distinct pat on the bottom as we left!!  Met a very nice security guard who put us in VIP seats for the evening fire works and light display, very impressed.

Gemma´s perfect car
Step aside Mickey

Breakfast American Style!!!
Up at the crack of dawn to get free hotel breakfast (donuts and muffins!!, only in America) and start our trip to San Fransisco to see one of Bens old friends. Met the rudest bus driver who basically told everyone on the tanoy to sit down, shut up don't ask any questions or we would be escorted off the bus, nice!!

San Franciso´s state of the art transportation
Steep hills and Alcatraz

 Arrived in San Fran and took a rather hilly lengthy walk to Nicoles apartment. Spent the next 3 days exploring, eating amazing food and learning lots about baseball (Nicole is an avid fan of the Giants).

A very American night out!
Due to some unfortunate planning we left San Francisco on opening day so missed out on actually seeing a baseball game but we're going to watch the Yankees while in New York instead.
God Bless America!!!!!!!!!!
The Giants Newest Fan - Bday present from Nicole

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